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This site is our placeholder until I decide to do something more interesting with it. In the meantime, enjoy the free targets!

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Who am I?

I'm Rod Brown of Sheridan, Wyoming. I build custom rifles and coach shooters in techniques to get the most out of their rifles and reloading. I've got a 100 yard range out my back door. I shoot short- and long- range benchrest competitively around the country.

I'm a full-time software development consultant and an FFL holder. (No, this is not an example of my best work -- just a few minutes of typing to fill up a blank page.) When I'm not developing custom software for my clients, I'm usually fiddling in the shop, building a custom benchrest rifle, traveling to a match, chambering a barrel for one of my competition guns, or reloading some ammunition.

If you're seeing this, it means I have not yet got around to putting a nice interface on my target generator, or installing a decent website package. Oh well... shooting is about trigger-time, not keyboard-time.

Some sites that I frequent... (and yes -- I did have a hand in creating these!)

Other favorites...

  • Benchrest Central - If you measure your groups with a micrometer, you know about this site.
  • 6mmBR.com and AccurateShooter.com - Two more sites dedicated to accuracy and precision
  • Wyoming Game and Fish - I hunt. I fish. I live here.
  • Hornady - My uncle worked R&D here for over 40 years - I like their stuff.
  • Berger Bullets - Walt Berger is a great competitor - and a friend. I like their stuff too.
  • A few of the ranges I have shot at...

  • Prairie Dog Target Club - The absolute, uneqivacable, undisputed favorite range of all shooters who go there.
  • Northern Colorado Benchrest Shooters -- Weld County, CO - I used to live here.
  • Lands End Benchrest Club - Grand Junction, CO - Home of the world-renowned "Purple Haze" match. Ask me.
  • NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM - One of the best ranges in the world.
  • Yellowstone Rifle Club, Billings MT - a truly beautiful little range with nice folks and nice facilities.
  • Ben Avery -- Phoenix, AZ - Another one of the best ranges in the world.
  • St Louis Benchrest Club, Warrenton, MO - A top-notch range dedicated to benchrest shooting.
  • Sloughhouse Long Range Benchrest, Sacramento, CA - I started long-range BR shooting here.
  • Midland Shooters Association - Midland, TX - Your wind-reading skills will be tested.
  • Kelbly's Range - North Lawrence, OH - Home of the SuperShoot - the biggest benchrest match of the year.
  • Chippewa Rifle Club, Chippewa, OH - Next door to Kelbly's, home of the SuperShoot Warmup
  • Mill Creek Rifle Club, Desoto, KS - ...another fine BR facility.
  • Stuckenhoff Shooting Complex, Casper, WY - occasional home of the Hunter/VFS Class Benchrest Nationals
  • Sheridan County Sportsmans Club, Sheridan, WY - no benchrest competition here, but very nice Trap & Skeet facilities